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The Difference of Living Faith

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Whenever growth happens, something has to change. There can be no growth without change. So keep a close eye on LFCC. We are building on the successes of the church we were before and becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus. Therefore, we have changed our slogan from "Because You ARE Family!" to "A Different Church, Making A Difference." We've also given our logo a fresh look. These are only outward expressions of the change that is going on inside of us—a change that will benefit every community we are called to serve.


Theme for 2016

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Each year as I prepare to deliver the State of the Church address, I tune my heart to hear the instructions from God for the next year. Usually, God will inspire in me a catchy, but informative phrase. In the past it has been themes like “Divinely Positioned for Glorious Service,” and “Abundantly Living for the Community.”  This year, I got no catchy phrase. I got only one word—Grow! Even when I tried to put something else with it to make it more poetic, the Holy Spirit put the brakes on my efforts. This speaks to the heart of God for Living Faith Covenant Church in 2016. We have a divine imperative to GROW!

Joe Johnson Brings Divine Worship to LFCC

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We are pleased to announce that Joe Johnson and Divine Worship has agreed to lead our Praise and Worship for our Youth & Young Adult worship service each Fourth Sunday. A budding Gospel Ensemble, this group of three talented bruthas have vision and the ability to see it to fruition. They bring that vision, their love for God and their love of music to LFCC and we are excited to participate in them.

It Is Good but Is It Godly?

Being Accountable for the Destruction of the Temple

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Food fellowship among the saints ensued like it always has for black people since the beginning of time.  Without actively thinking, most of my food was gone.  Just as a nurturing mother bird feeds her offspring essential life essence, she reached over and wrapped her fingers around my wrist.  She then leaned over to whisper something life changing into my ear. “You are not supposed to be this big.  You must learn to take care of yourself.”

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